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"You can't tie a ribbon around a lullaby."

In other news:

-I never got to see District 9 or Inglorious Basterds, and movies need to stay in the theaters longer.

-Ask me for a word count whenever you see me cause I have to write a novel this semester. Right now we are up to 14,106. The problem is that my novel is definitely longer than the minimum but I don't know if I have the energy to go way above the minimum.

-I've been privy to the ups and downs of a fight with the boyfriend of a person whom I do not know. In other words, a girl in my dorm needs to take her phone conversations to her room and not the kitchen/lounge. Also, this is the worst dorm community I've lived with in terms of keeping the bathroom clean, ever. I think at this point the custodian is fed up and starting to cut corners when she cleans in the morning.

-I dropped to three classes. Never done that before, but I don't feel remotely guilty, and I also want to be a smartass and send emails to the professor with links to pages explaining why the grammar he kept correcting us on is actually right, and why some of the grammar he uses when he lectures is wrong. I just keep remembering that I don't have to do this one group project (which I was only doing with one other person because he was a dumbass and didn't try to balance out groups) and I feel very wonderful about that. Jesus, is there anything worse that school ever subjects you to than group projects that involve research? Everybody has a completely different style of working when it comes to doing things like that and it nearly always ends up with one or two people pulling most of the weight. Just NO. GOD WHY.

-I think it's gross that Amanda Palmer is dating Neil Gaiman and I'm not sure I have an explanation for this.

-I don't think I can stop listening to Why?

-I'm ready for it to get cold so I can wear my thermal thumbhole shirts. Oh yeah.
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