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A meme, of sorts, that Nerd told me to do.

favorite flavor icee: they just taste like ice most of the time.
what sexual position would you prefer while fucking philip seymour hoffman: dude.
if you wouldn't fuck philip seymour hoffman why do you think I should still like you: because I really like philip seymour hoffman.
when is the last time you got laid: you said I didn't really have to answer this.
how does it feel to be more frigid than a k-mart icee: "you act like a slut but you're really a freeezer"
why don't you update your lj regularly: I don't want to talk about icees, okay.
what songs/albums should I download: 'With You In My Head" by UNKLE...uh, some Dead Weather?
what movies should I see besides inception: well, this guy who got stuck on a malfunctioning ride with me and Shep told me to see The Last Airbender, but clearly he was kind of an idiot. in all seriousness, I have yet to see Toy Story 3 and would like to, maybe with some of you hos.
I ______ therefore, I am: change
what's on your bucket list: fucking novels.
what are you currently doing to achieve these goals: uh, writing shit.
what is wrong with you: suddenly varying levels of insecurity.

I have all these thoughts about like, marriage and my own relationship and relationships in general to get off my chest, but whenever I sit down to type/rant about it it feels badly timed, no matter who I'm telling about it.
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